How To Dress For An Interview

Before going for an interview make sure that your interview attire is appropriate. A person may have an excellent academic record, and may have answered all questions correctly but if he/she does not know how to dress for an interview then the person may not be selected for the job.

While going for an interview always dress neatly .An interviewer will judge you on the basis of your clothes you are wear. While going for an interview you should not dress casually even if the employees of the company are wearing casual dresses. First impression should just not be good but excellent. Your clothes should be clean and ironed properly. See to that your shoes are polished. Scuffmarks should not be present on your shoes. Scuffmarks reveal lack of attention to detail.

When going for an interview men should be dressed in a tie and a suit. Tie should be straight. Teeth must be clean, and hair should be properly groomed, before going for an interview. Do not think of wearing t-shirts and jeans.

A candidate who is dressed up in tie and suit will definitely make a better impression than a candidate who is dressed up in t-shirts and jeans. Suit should preferably be of colours like dark grey or navy. The shirt should be white or matching with suit and should have long sleeves. It is always better if your pant has a belt. Colour of the belt should match your shoes. Socks should be dark and shoes should be made up of conservative leather. Your hairstyle should be neat and professional. Nails should be neatly trimmed. Shave the beard if you have, before going for the interview. Also, carry a suitcase with yourself. It will give a very professional look to you. You can also try to find out the dress code of the company through contacts.

While going for interview, women should also be dressed preferably in business suit. Studies have shown that most women do not know how to dress for an interview. Do not try to be extra fashionable. Suit skirt must be long so that you can sit comfortably in front of the interviewer. Do not wear miniskirts, sweaters that are tight, sandals with straps. Limited jewelry is preferred while dangling earring gives a very bad impression. Do not wear cheap jewelry as well.

Do not use a hair spray for hairstyling. Pantyhose should be neutral. Perfume and makeup should be very light. Nails should be clean and neatly manicured. Do not polish your nails. Do not forget to carry a portfolio or a nice briefcase with yourself. Do not carry a disorganized or oversized handbag for the job interview. If you are feeling cold, you can wear a scarf.

Check the shine of interview shoes that you are wearing

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