How To Conduct A Job Interview

You get a valuable opportunity to learn more about the candidate through a job interview. Knowing more about the candidate will help in predicting more accurately about how the candidate will perform in the specific areas. On the other hand, the candidate also gets a chance to know about the job. This article will give you a brief idea on how to conduct a job interview.

How to conduct a job interview depends solely on the interviewer. It cannot be conducted on the spot. There are some pre-preparations to be made before conducting the interview. Each interview should be approached positively. Don’t forget that even though you are a prospective employer, you are still the salesperson for that company.

It is always better to keep yourself on schedule. Making the candidate wait for long hours is an expression of rudeness, discourteousness and disrespect. Your behavior at the time of the interview will indirectly reflect you and your company.

How to conduct a job interview is a crucial task that needs to follow some of the approach. Firstly, introduce yourself and greet the candidate by a welcome smile and shaking hands. If you find that a candidate is getting nervous, make every effort to make them at ease and clam down. Offer them with a glass of water before starting the interview to make him feel relax.

Go through the resume provided by the candidate and ask the candidate to elaborate on his special projects, previous jobs, etc. This will give you an idea about the communication skills of the candidate. Then you describe the job to the candidate regarding his position, structure of the organization, the colleagues they will be working with, etc. Describe all your requirements precisely at the time of the interview so that the candidate gets a clear idea regarding the nature of the job and can make quick decisions.

Give opportunity to the candidate for self-assessment by encouraging them to assess the job. Ask them open-ended questions to encourage their responses like “How to do think you can contribute to the company”? Or “What advancements can we make to improve it further”, etc. Such open-ended questions will make the candidate comfortable with you and you get a chance to assess him closely.

Lastly, ask the candidate if he has any doubts regarding the job and finally you can complete your interview by thanking the candidate and informing him on the date you will give your final decisions.

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