Conducting A Job Interview

Conducting a job interview is one of the most important task, mangers or supervisors do. Because of their judgment and skill to abstract the best from the candidate, they ensure the good future of the organization. Conducting a job interview is not easy task for the first time interviewers. The main important thing needed to conduct an interview is self confidence. You must be very friendly and smart. Because on your attitude and first impression, the candidate’s attitude and first impression changes. Many of the time, employers get nervous while taking job interview. Be specific and try to create a healthy and energetic atmosphere. Greet well and hand shake firmly. This will make a huge difference by creating a friendly environment.

When you are ready to start interview, meet the candidate and greet him well. Thank the applicant for taking the time to visit your office. Making a good eye contact is very important. This will make your job more easy. Then ask the candidate to feel comfortable and have a seat. This will reduce his tension and will result in a good interactive session.

Asking the right kind of questions, at the right time plays a very important role while conducting a job interview. Ask the questions in increasing order of importance. Start with general questions like tell me about yourself, why do you want to work with us and so. Always wait and listen to the answers from the candidate. Most of the time, you think of the next question while its being answered. Take your own time and plan your questions well.

After a series of primary question, do not start with the next series of question immediately. Take a minute break and you can have an informal talk with the candidate. This will create a lively atmosphere and will ultimately boost up the buoyancy. Now at the next level, you must ask the questions which tell you how much skill and talent a person has to do in your job. From questions you asked, you must be able to point out applicant’s talent and expertise. You must note down every point you observe, so that, it will benefit you while taking final decision. Some of the important questions are what do you look in for a job, Why should we hire you, what can you do for us that some one else cannot and so.

Checking whether the candidate is best suited for the required job or choosing among the equally qualified members, is a difficult task. You must judge and ask the appropriate questions so that you get to know what you were looking for. You can ask questions related to previous experiences, behavior with co-workers, management style, what candidate is looking for in a job, whether he will fit in the team or will be a disturbance.

Conclude the interview with friendly and lively gestures. Thank the candidate again and shake hand. Then take a few minute off before starting the other interview. Badly managed interview leads to a less resource. Moreover, unfit candidate can be very harmful to the company.

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