Common Job Interview Questions

The questions asked in the interview are of different types according to the requirement of the job. The interview can be divided into two types according to the skills, which are tested. These types are the general interview and the technical interview. The questions asked in the general interview are common for any kind of job. In this round of interview, the candidate is tested for his communication skills and confidence.

The common questions may be like,.

* What is your name and educational qualifications?

* From where did you complete your education?

* What is the role that you wish to work for in our company?

* Do you suppose that you can get this job?

* Where did you work before this?

* Do you wish to have a stable and permanent job with our company or would you leave it after sometime?

* What do you think is more important for you, the payment, the job satisfaction, the job security, or convenience?

* What is your last drawn salary?

* What are your expectations from us? How much should be we pay you if we appoint you?

* How much do you know about our company?

* Do you have any medical or fitness, problems? Would you be comfortable at work?

* What are your other interests and hobbies?

* Can you tell us something about your analytical abilities; refer to a few examples of when you applied your abilities in the past?

* What are the long-term goals that you have?

* What are short-term goals that you have?

* Where do you think you would be five years from now?

* Why do you think that you are an able person for this job?

* Why did you quit your previous job?

* What is a team player?

* Can you present examples from the past when you proved to be a team player?

* How would you handle a argument with a colleague?

* Can you site a few examples from the past, when you avoided an argument, on your own?

* Can you describe some interesting incident that occurred during your previous job?

* What do you guess you can achieve by working with this company?

* Where you do stay?

* Would you be comfortable if you undergo a transfer in the future?

* (If long) would you be comfortable with coming so away from your place?

* Would you like to know something about this company?

These are only the common personal questions that are frequently asked for all the types of jobs in companies or firms. These may be asked by a separate interviewer who is especially present for these questions. The other technical questions are asked by the technical interviewers.

While answering these questions it is important that your answers depict clear and professional thinking. They should be answered confidently.

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