Ripped Jeans

There are many different styles of jeans that you can buy. One such type that seems to be gaining favor is that of ripped jeans. These interesting looking jeans are ones that will allow you to look as if you are wearing a fashion statement for rebellion. This statement is one that you will see being worn by a number of famous individuals and show biz icons.

While some of the fans of ripped jeans are teenagers who want to defy a conservative style that is seen by many of their not so cool peers, there are other well known figures who wear these jeans as well. You will find that among these individuals is that of pop icon Brittney Spears a ripped jean devotee.

Before you take drastic action and take a knife to your decrepit old jeans or a new pair of jeans there are some points that you need to be aware of. Britney Spears did not do the same thing - Britney undoubtedly purchased the real thing. While you could yourself design – cut up an old pair of jeans – for ripped jeans you will need to understand that these will not necessarily have the stylish look of the manufactured ones. There is also the point that these jeans of yours will disintegrate within a short time scale into something that is best left for the rubbish dump.

The factory made ripped jeans on the other hand have their holes and worn out patches placed in where you will not usually expect to see them. The rips in these jeans are created with the help of special machines. There is also a method of fixing the frayed edges so that they don’t unravel the threads in the jeans that quickly. You get what you pay for and it is worth it

To help the jeans look decrepit old and frayed the areas which are to be ripped are given a treatment with sand paper. Here the rough sides of the sand paper will slowly give the jeans a look of being really old and well worn out. This is undoubtedly the best look which you can get with ripped jeans Stars like Britney know this.

Unfortunately due to the “costs” of production which go into the creation of these ripped jeans you will see that these types of jeans are almost as expensive as designer jeans. Today you can find these ripped jeans around the world in most clothing and department stores.

You can find different types of jeans which incorporate the look of being ripped. These different styles and brands will provide you with the wide choice that you want. From all of these ripped jeans you can choose the ones that reflect your cool character the most.

So the next time that you see a really hip person wearing some classy ripped jeans you may want to think about whether you have the same rebellious streak in you that is needed to be bold and confident in the face of modern style that people like Britney Spears and other stars wear.

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