Red Monkey Jeans

When you are looking for distinctive looking jeans you can find many of these which carry designer names. These for the most part are very similar to the jean designs that you can find in many stores. There is one company which manufactures quality jeans which are very unique. These jeans are known as Red Monkey Jeans.

These jeans are ones produced by a company in Hong Kong. These designer jeans are the brainchild of one Martin Ksohoh. The method which is used to produce these jeans is very interesting. The cotton thread which is used in the production of these jeans is specially engineered in China.

This thread is then woven and dyed according to the indigo rope dying method. By the use of this method the woven cloth of the Red Monkey Jeans is made to look different each time the thread is woven and dyed. The entire process which is used for the creation of Red Monkey Jeans makes these jeans look high in quality and unique.

It is for this special creation process and the beautiful embroidered back pockets that these jeans are truly in the designer jeans league. Just to let you know that while other jeans carry swirls motifs, small flowers and their logos elaborately made, the Red Monkey Jeans have Japanese influenced motifs on the back pockets.

The designs which you will find one the pockets of the Red Monkey Jeans are those of geishas, crashing waves and dragons. All of these items go towards making this one very interesting pair of jeans to wear and own.

As with some of the designer jeans you will see that Red Monkey Jeans are favorites with some famous personalities. These people will include Jay Z and Sean Combs. To help spread the word about these jeans there is a song which features the jeans in the lyrics.

If you are interested in buying a pair of Red Monkey Jeans then you need to make sure that you are buying an original pair of jeans as there are many different fakes out in the market. You should also understand that as these jeans are created in small batches that it may be difficult to buy one when you want.

Are red monkey jeans for you? Actually, they may be for you but you should remember a few points. So, you will look good and fresh when you wear red monkey jeans. The key in wearing them is balance. Remember some tips below and get a new fresh look of your red monkey jeans with confidence!

red monkey jeans come in many different colors nowadays. Choose red monkey jeans colors that suit your complexion. Get experiment with color. You can't go wrong with black but bright colors like green or red are very scene at the moment. Washed-out grey colors are also great and look very rock chick when worn with black tops and shoes.

Fabric is the first consideration in wearing red monkey jeans. Thinner denim with lycra or spandex makes a jean with smooth lines and drape. This is especially good if you are trying to slim down the lower half of the body. However, too-thin fabric will make the pant appear like a legging or tight. Thicker denim looks good on most body types, especially for the colder months. These jeans will have a slight stretch as well, thanks to the new fabrics.

If you have never worn red monkey jeans before, just go for a normal denim blue but if you feel daring, go for black which looks especially good with dresses.

red monkey jeans are red monkey jeans, and they should be teamed with clothes that are not too tight but are not too red monkey jeans either. A simple vest top works well, as does a simple graphic tee.

If you are wearing red monkey jeans however, try not to wear them with baggy t-shirts or jackets. But if you are a jacket lover, go for jackets that are in fashion at the time, which, right now, would be cardigans and blazers, but make sure that they're in a different color to the jeans.

red monkey jeans are fabulous with sandals, both high and flat. But the best thing to wear with red monkey jeans is a pair of stilettos. It will make you look simple, versatile, and fashionable - they work well for both day and night. But if you want to look different, just try on red monkey jeans with a nice sleek sweater and a wedge-heel shoe and surprise yourself with how nice you look.

When it comes to accessories, I would say that minimal is better, but it is usually a matter of taste and reliant on the other items that you're wearing.

What this all adds up to is the fact that Red Monkey Jeans are one of the hottest jeans that you can be seen wearing. Unique in looks, style and price these Red Monkey Jeans are the ones to be seen wearing.

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