Owens Corning Insulation

Owens corning insulation company is said to be the world’s largest producer of insulation products and systems. The Owens corning insulation company is located in Toledo, OH. It is believed that this company invented the fiberglass insulation. This company produces many different insulation products for commercial and residential application. Owens corning insulation company is known by its motto, “innovation for living”.

Places where weather conditions are very harsh, good quality insulation is must for every home or building. There are many different types of heating or cooling systems are available, but all these system increase the utility bill through energy and fuel consumption. Insulating systems are the only option in such situations. This insulation provides comfort and control utility bills. There are many different types of insulation materials for floors, windows, attics, basements; and many other parts of house are used depending upon the specifications or design of the house.

Owens corning insulation provides you product for every part of your home pr office. For anywhere from attics to base to basement walls they have insulation products. The cartoon character the “Pink panther” is mascot of the Owens corning insulation division.

Commonly used Owens corning insulation products are fiberglass batts & rolls and fiberglass, rock & slag wool loose-fill insulation. Fiberglass batt and roll insulation are available in wide range of thickness. These batts and rolls are available with or without facing. Facing material is applied to portion which warm in winter to resist movement of moisture. These are installed in the sidewalls, floors, attics, crawl spaces and basements of homes.

Fiberglass, rock, and slag wool loose fill insulation is for open blow applications. Means this type of Owens corning insulation is applied to attic spaces or closed cavity applications found inside walls or covered attic floors. This Owens corning insulation is available in two forms, products of batts and roll process from one type of insulation and second type is produced from prime fibers that are specially produced for blowing applications.

Owens corning insulation products are not just for attics and outside walls. You must install insulation in other areas such as ceiling, basement walls or between interior walls, this provide extra sound control. Amount of insulation depends upon area where you live.

When you choose any of Owens corning insulation products, you must consider ease of application, thermal performance and value. Lifelong performance and safety aspect of any insulation product is very important.

All insulation products offered by Owens corning insulation are very efficient insulators. However, along with heat insulators this fiberglass and rock slag insulation is excellent sound absorber and energy savers. When these Owens corning insulation products are installed on walls and ceiling the reduce transmission of sound from other rooms or from outside.

Insulating home with Owens corning insulation is the most cost-effective way to reduce heating and cooling bills. This Owens corning insulation help keep a home tight and moisture free. Insulation play a very important role that help building last longer.

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