Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is different from cellulose insulation because it dose not require chemical treatment. It is made from sand and recycled glass. Fiberglass, rock and slag wool insulation are used to prevent home from moisture. They can hold water and moisture. It is used to protect crawl area from water, fire and humidity. It is better from cellulose insulation because cellulose loses their effectiveness after sometimes. Cellulose is also not useful to protect from moisture and water because it is made from recycled newspapers. It can reduce energy efficiency.


Fiberglass insulation is not just necessary for walls and attics, but it is also necessary for other parts of the home such as ceilings, basement walls, and floors above crawl spaces, knee walls and between interior walls.

The fiberglass insulation methods are selected by the R-value of the material. The R-value is stands for heat resistance. Proper insulation level is identified by R-value of a material such as fiberglass and cellulose. These materials are labeled by R-value. The R stands for heat flow; it provides greater insulating power for material. Most manufacturers are printing R-value for their products. The R-value of fiberglass is lower than R-value of cellulose.

For electrical wiring, plumbing and homebuilding fiberglass insulation is necessary. It gives effectiveness to your home insulation applications. It requires continuous and careful approach to install fiberglass insulation. Installing fiberglass insulation also requires no gaps or compression.

Fibreglasses provide effective insulation for your home. It keeps home warmer in winter and colder in summer. It increases energy efficiency. It is also useful to decrease electricity bill.

Size of batts is also useful for fiberglass insulation; the R-value of the fiberglass determines the size batt. Generally, R-13 is used for a 16 inch on center wall crack.

After selecting appropriate fiberglass size, it is better to cut sludge in the batt so that it fits comfortably any obstruction in the wall. When in the insulation not fits into cracks then gaps are created, these gaps are responsible for lose of energy and reducing the R-value of the insulation. Filling of these gaps is necessary to achieve energy efficiency.

Insulation from hot and humid condition is necessary to provide complete home insulation. Sometimes vapor retarder helps to resist moisture and humidity. These vapor retarders are useful in humid countries such as gulf coast. Building codes are also necessary to provide complete fiberglass insulation.

Generally, fiberglass insulations are high quality products. They are based on industry standard. They are environment friendly and cheap. The manufacturers of fiberglass insulation products are producing energy saving home insulation products. These products are most popular in United States and Canada. These products are branded under the guardian fiberglass label, which is a well-known private brand name. These fiberglass products are most commonly used insulation materials for homes they provide blanket and loose-fill kind of insulation.

These insulation products are high-density insulation products; they have higher R-value than previous varieties. They are designed to provide insulation for areas with limited void space such as cathedral ceilings.

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