Expanding Foam Insulation

Expanding foam insulation is infused into empty space to stop the air from leaking through the walls. This type of insulation has benefits over other traditional insulation. The main component of this expanding foam insulation is foam, this foam is substance formed by trapping many gas bubbles in solid or liquid. Because of their very low density, these foams are very good insulators.

Any type of insulations is used to provide a barrier surrounding or within a building to lower the heat flow. For this purpose reflective barrier id often added to insulation. There are many type of insulation is used, some of them are fiberglass, polyurethane foam, polystyrene and cellulose insulation. Expanding foam insulation is commonly known as spray applied polyurethane foam.

In every vertical column of blocks of blocks hole is drilled with gap of eight inches. The expanding foam insulation spray is pressure injected directly into each vertical column. Until the column is filled completely from all side this foam is injected. The pressure is applied to force the foam horizontally through joints into adjacent cells. For every column, same procedure is followed until whole wall is filled and sealed completely. The applied high pressure forces the foam even through tiniest void. Once all voids and cracks are completely filled with foam then foam comes out of the hole in form of small noodles. This indicates that walls thoroughly sealed. After cleaning that excess foam, holes are patched with mortar.

First and most important benefit of expanding foam insulation is its easy installation. This type of insulation is sprayed directly onto substrate. You donít have to measure, cut or glue anything. Other type of insulation does not stick to surfaces like woo, metal, bricks and concrete, but expanding foam insulation do stick easily. This makes expanding foam insulation quick and easy to install.

Other than ease of installation, another important benefit of expanding foam insulation is its durability. This insulation will last much longer than other types of insulation. It acts as repellent for insects and rodents, so will not be attracted to it and damage it. The expanding foam insulation is resistant to change in temperature, so they will not break down with change in weather.

Many other types of insulation weaken if it exposed to moisture. Expanding foam insulation is resistant to moisture. Insulations that are affected by moisture can be easily attacked by fungus and mold. Expanding foam insulation can be installed in all the climatic conditions.

Expanding foam insulation helps to improve quality of air by keeping pollens, germs and mold spores away. The brands of the expanding foam insulation are environment friendly, as they do not contain any harmful chemicals.

In addition to help in conservation of environment, it will save your money too. This expanding foam insulation will definitely help you to keep your energy will down. Expanding foam insulation will effectively seal air seeping, so you do not have to use much energy trying to keep temperature where you want it to be.

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