Trouble Sleeping

Do you know what it feels like to keep tossing in bed from side to side? Has your night's rest been shorter and shorter? If your answer to such questions is YES, then you are one of the millions of people who suffer from temporary or chronic insomnia. Some people only get trouble sleeping during very stressful periods at work for instance, or sometimes personal problems, emotional traumas prevent a healthy night sleep.

Otherwise, without such issues, a normal sleep-wake cycle would go on undisturbed. On the other hand, there are other people who have trouble sleeping due to some recurrent health affections as psychological imbalances and disorders for instance are often associated with insomnia.

Here is what you should do if it happens that you get trouble sleeping. First of all, eliminate all factors that create discomfort: heat for example may cause insomnia. Contrary to a popular false myth, one sleeps a lot better in a cool rather than hot environment; if it is not an external factor that triggers the restlessness, you need to make efforts to eliminate it by relaxing.

If you are simply ridden by thoughts, which gives you trouble sleeping, then, focusing on breathing for instance could help a lot. Or if it doesn't bother you, listen to some soft music, concentrating your attention on the melodic line; this should be enough to eliminate negative thinking and allow you to fall asleep. Leaving the TV on, while trying to go to sleep is not a good idea since there is no rhythmical pattern to be followed that should eliminate insomnia.

A major impulse when you have trouble sleeping is to go the fridge and have something to eat. Beware of the other dangers you expose yourself to: if you get the habit of eating late at night, you'd be opening the door to a lot bigger trouble than insomnia since nutrition and sleep disorders often go hand in hand. If you think hunger is to blame for your trouble sleeping, than you may have a glass of warm milk, some honey or a fruit in order to eliminate the discomfort of the sensation.

Don't start making sandwiches or eating heavy dishes in the middle of the night since you'll only aggravate the insomnia. Very often a tea made of a herbal combination could induce just the sleepiness you need for the rest of the night.; actually this is the ideal choice if it is one of your children that is having sleeping problems.

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