Medications such as Trazadone are included in the antidepressant class, helping people who develop mood and mental disorders cope with suffering from this condition. Clinical studies show that Trazadone reduces the risk of suicidal attempts improving the mental state of the patients; however, it should only be administered under close medical observation. If taken carelessly, Trazadone, like almost all other antidepressants, may aggravate depression and increase the intensity of suicidal thoughts or attempts. Thus, a professional health care provider is the only one capable to weigh the benefits against the risks of the situation and recommend the Trazadone treatment or not. How does Trazadone actually work?

Most depression associated symptoms are triggered by chemical imbalances at the level of the central nervous system; a drug like Trazadone actually helps restore that balance by bringing serotonin at the level required for the proper functioning of the system. Nevertheless, depression is not the only health condition that Trazadone is prescribed for. It is often administrated in cases of insomnia triggered by anxiety, which is dependent on a brain chemical balance as well. Consequently, if for some, the sleepiness caused by Trazadone is a side effect, for others it is a benefit; people with sleeping disorders usually take the dosage before going to bed, whereas the others use a two-dose scheme.

Throughout the treatment with Trazadone, the dosage prescribed by the doctor should not be modified, since taking more or less of the active substance may have serious consequences for your health. Even if you feel well, do not interrupt the treatment before the doctor gives you the green light to do so. There are all sorts of medical conditions that may be incompatible with a Trazadone treatment, hence, it is absolutely necessary that the patient's medical history be carefully analyzed by the doctor before actually administrating Trazadone. The elderly should use this drug with utmost care since more intense side effects have been signaled after a certain age.

When taking Trazadone you may feel dizzy on a rather frequent basis; in order to reduce this adverse reaction, try not to get up too abruptly from a lying position. Among other Trazadone side effects we should also mention digestive symptoms that include nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Furthermore, the dry mouth symptom is rather common as well; it can be alleviated by sucking at a hard candy or an ice chip. Trazadone should not be used during pregnancy unless it is absolutely necessary and the doctor recommends it, as it could be potentially dangerous for the unborn baby.

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