Toddler Sleep Problems

When we are talking about toddler sleep problems, we should definitely divide them into the difficulty to put the kids to sleep and the issues that may appear in a variety of forms over night. Many parents are frustrated when nothing seems to work when trying to put their toddlers to sleep: all of a sudden the little ones need to eat something, potty, listen to a story, get a favorite blanket or toy and so on. What exactly could one do to solve toddler sleep problems? There are various reasons for which a child refuses to go to sleep; first and foremost try to identify what the problem and what is actually going on in your child's mind.

Some toddler sleep problems are triggered by fear of the dark: you may easily solve this by letting a bed lamp on over night or an electric candle that would spread a diffuse and comforting light in the room. Sometimes, children find it impossible to go to sleep because a lot of interesting things seem to go on in the house: hearing the parents voices talking about something may leave the impression that there is something going on that he or she needs to know. Or there could be simply the well known separation anxiety that affects most toddlers.

The key to eliminating most toddler sleep problems lies in the creation of a routine. Like for many adults who use the pattern creation to deal with insomnia, parents can apply the same principles for their siblings. Start the bet time routine the same way and carry it on until the toddler is ready to fall asleep. A possible example would involve: teeth brushing, story reading, then sleeping. Try to stick to the same bed hour and not change it every evening; most parents find it comfortable to put their toddlers to sleep at nine o'clock.

There are psychological solutions to solving toddler sleep problems; there are reward games you can play with the child reinforcing positive statements and offering small prizes when he or she goes to sleep without any fuss at all. Severe measures need to be taken when you fail to see any results after several weeks of such attempts, in such cases there may be something wrong with the way your child perceives sleep and being alone and you will have to look deeper into the matter.

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