Sleep Problem

How can one actually realize that he or she has a sleep problem? Of course there are insomnia symptoms that would hardly pass unnoticed, but more frequently a sleep problem covers a more general set of features. For instance, poor sleep quality is a good example: though you go to bed quite early in the evening, you wake up just as tired as the night before. Or, frequent bad dreams, sweating and nocturnal agitation can also be labeled as a sleep problem. The most important thing is to identify what the cause or the trigger behind your improper night rest is and to try and solve the issue. There have been cases when people using sleeping drugs have claimed poor sleep quality.

One efficient method to identify and better solve a sleep problem is to keep some sort of personal journal in which to write not only the elements specific to sleep quality but also what you have done during the day. For instance, you need to put down what you have eaten in the evening and then observe what kind of night rest you have. If you seem to sleep well and wake up fresh after eating salads and fruit in the evening, but everything changes if you try a heavier meat dish, it means your sleep problem is related to digestion.

Furthermore, compare the days when you do some physical activity and those when you are more static; this should also reveal important aspects of the sleeping pattern. As a general rule, people who do a lot of sports, are less inclined to developing a sleep problem than those who have a sedentary life style. One may also notice changes in the sleeping pattern that are not the normal ones associated with age. Youngsters will always sleep more than adults, whereas, the elderly sleep considerably less than any other age group.

If your night pattern changes abruptly, and you don't have an explanation for the sleep problem in the immediate personal environment, it is good to ask for professional advice in order to identify the issue immediately. Most people make the mistake of considering insomnia the only sleeping problem and thus they postpone dealing with the issue; consequently, monitor your condition for a more extended period of time and see how your nocturnal behavior fluctuates! For those living in a couple, the life partner may provide important information on any disturbance he or she may have noticed; the important thing is not to ignore and let things go their way.

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