Insomnia Movie

Insomnia movie is a thriller set in summery Alaska when the sun never goes to sleep for several months in a row. Just as darkness triggers all sorts of complexes and fears, a similar situation happens to the all pervading light that creeps everywhere no matter where you'd go.

The plot of Insomnia movie follows the brutal murder committed in Nightmute – a city with a relevant name for the narrative and the symbolism of the polar night. With an amazing cast that includes Al Pacino and Martin Donovan – two LA detectives – the film explores the secrets of the mind tormented by guilt and remorses in long sleepless day-nights.

The main character, Will Dormer – Al Pacino – cannot escape his past and day after day he finds himself consumed by the impossibility to fall asleep and put everything behind. Even the name of the character is in close relation to the Insomnia movie title: a person with a “sleepy” name is paradoxically unable to fall asleep.

Just like there is no line between night and day during polar summer, this Insomnia movie shows the way the line between right and wrong, good and evil fades away trapping the main character into an apparently inescapable crisis. Dormer and the killer whom he hunts (Robin Williams) has a similar condition to his; Finch, the murderer is not a psychotic character, but the victim of a serious personal mistake.

Killer and policeman are both haunted and hunted by their past and Insomnia movie shows us how the two become closely related in a game that would mean the end for each of them. Finch knows the truth about Dormer, as once he's caught, he would take the policeman with him.

On the other hand uncovering Dormer's guilt is essential to the entire Insomnia movie, since this is actually the hidden intrigue that sets things in motion. The sleeping problem and the pervading Alaskan daylight seem to show over and over again that there is no escape from reveling the truth: there is no place to hide or resume peace of mind.

The value of Insomnia movie also lies in the use of the rich imagery and external landscape to emphasize the inner states of the character even more. Dormer finally gets rid of the burden that tormented his soul by talking to a stranger, a hotel clerk that he has never met before, and even the perspective changes at the end of the movie with Dormer's confession.

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