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Soft Sided Hot Tubs

Most soft sided hot tubs are inflatable and are very easy to install by relying upon an air pump that the manufacturer offers for free when buying the tub from him. These kinds of tubs have soft sides since the material they are made from is either rubber or plastic. They are very useful especially if you do not have too much space available for installing a tub yet you truly want one in your home or yard.

The soft sided hot tubs come in various shapes and sizes. They are not very expensive especially if they are not very large, but even these small cheaper ones present the same features as those that are costly and are usually larger and installed permanently. The advantage they present for the buyer is that these portable soft sided hot tubs are easy to install if the instructions in the manual are carefully followed.

The installation of inflatable soft sided hot tubs is very simple. It only requires three steps; number one is to inflate the tub, number two is to plug it in and number three is to fill it with water up to the mark made by the manufacturer. Once you start inflating it, you will find it hard to believe that installing it can work so fast. And what is more, the pumps are usually equipped with some filters which keep the re-circulated water clean and fresh.

The kit of installation should include the tub structure which supports itself on the ground. It should also have a thermostat and hoses for bringing the water pumped to the tub. The soft sided hot tubs consist of walls that are actually some rings that, when inflated, get the shape of the tub walls. As it seems it is not sophisticated at all.

The soft sided hot tubs are equipped with systems that produce bubbles and jets just like any inground or permanent type of tubs. These systems are very helpful if one needs hydrotherapy for treating arthritis, diabetes, stress, back pains and so on. These bubbles and jets are complementary to medicine and moderate exercise recommended by the doctor and they are also fun.

In the end, soft sided hot tubs are the cheap and easy to install, yet a reliable alternative for those who can not afford either money or space to have a permanent hot tub installed inside their home or anywhere else on their property.