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Portable Hot Tubs

Portable hot tubs are the ones you can easily move anywhere you like and expeditiously install at your own convenience. They are meant to offer therapy based on hot or warm water and to help the users relax while comfortably sitting in them. They are very convenient for many buyers as they might want to change the location of the tubs on their properties. Many manufacturers offer clear and try to simplify as much as possible the instructions for installing the portable hot tubs.

Whether installed by the customer himself or by a specialized worker, it is good to know that these portable hot tubs fall into three very common categories. The first category is called blow up portable hot tubs. As the name indicates, this type is inflatable and is preferred by those people who might want to go on vacation somewhere at a cabin and know they simply can not do without their hot tub. These portable hot tubs are usually made of material like nylon or rubber and are higher than the wading pools most people are accustomed with. When deflated, these tubs take up very little room so they are quite easy to carry around.

Another type of portable hot tubs is the hard side ones. They are called like this because, as the name may suggest, they have a hard side and a liner specially for the purpose of holding water. The installation should not pose any difficulties as the hard sides are initially separate pieces that require easy set up. After one has erected the sides the next step would be to set up the liner and put water inside. In a very short time and after a very simple procedure, people can enjoy a relaxing afternoon in their hard side portable tubs.

Last but not least we have the fiberglass tubs which are usually larger than the common bath tubs. They are the best option for those who want portable hot tubs in their homes but do not have lots of room for installing any of the previous two types mentioned above. In a way, the fiberglass portable hot tubs can replace the regular bath tub and it has the advantage of fitting through the doors and being located almost anywhere inside the house. Since fiberglass is heavier, those who choose to buy this type of portable hot tubs should check first about what weight the floor they have installed can support.