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How To Wire A Hot Tub

Knowing how to wire a hot tub is very important as there is the risk of getting electrocuted when around water. That is why maximum caution is required if you are to wire your hot tub yourself.

In order for you to do this on your own, there are some guides to be found on the internet and not only which are meant to be by your side step by step throughout the process. Also, besides manuals posted on the internet, you can also find movies as to how to wire a hot tub. Movies are so much more efficient in explaining every single procedure because the visual aid of the motion picture has a much higher impact on understanding how to perform certain task than would the visual aid of a simple picture or chart.

If you are not sure how to wire a hot tub, then it would be advisable for you to hire a licensed electrician in order to avoid potential damage to the tub or potential damage to those who are involved in the installation and wiring.

There are however some steps you need to go through if you really want to find out how to wire a hot tub by yourself. first you need to check if the electrical service can handle the extra load represented by a device such as a hot tub. Then you need to decide what kind of electrical system you are using, whether it is a 240V or a 120 or 110 V. then you need to get your hands on a manual and follow the wiring diagrams in order to make sure you are doing a good job of it.

There are also some rules closely to be followed. How to wire a hot tub should be guided by these dos and donts all the way. You must make sure to read the owner manual before installing, you must get an electrical permit, you must connect a 4-wire hot tub only to a 4-wire circuit, you must always use the same size wire and make sure it is not aluminum, you must not install a tub under power lines running over your head or yard, you must not run wiring underneath the spa in the ground, you must not install any lamp posts within a distance of 10 feet from the tub, and so on.

In conclusion if how to wire a hot tub present you with some problem as far as the above dos and donts are concerned, it is better to rely on professional services.