Saddle Club Games

The Saddle Clue games offers great fun stuff and entertainment for kids. Their games are bought many kids who are fully crazy of horses. Such Horse Club Games are offered for kids of any age.

For small kids the simple and easiest games are offered by Saddle Club. The games are as follows.

Draw your own horse-

The drawing always gives fun. Kids wish to have a own horse and they demand it from their parents. For such kids, it is really exciting to make their own horse jut by drawing. It is quite difficult to draw animal figures on your won. But if you follow the drawing game of saddle club then it becomes easy.

The material required for drawing is pencil, colored pencils, felt-tip pen and rubber. The horse picture starts from drawing two circles. The front circle is bigger than the latter one. Then join them with each other with the use of lines. Go on drawing the head with triangular shape. The use of two small triangles is done for ears.

The sausage shape is used for legs. Use two sausages and attach small triangles for hoof. Make use of dot for nose and eye. The last step will be to highlight the horse with felt tip pen with curves.

Color-in Horse-

Then coloring is the next step in the above game as well as the new game. The colors can be used as per the type of horse like palomino, Chestnut or Appaloosa. The Saddle Club Games also include the color-in game in which you just have to fill the color in prints of horses. It is for those who can not draw the horse picture. They are very easy to do at home.

Saddle Club Board Game-

For other kids, a quite matured and funny game is the saddle club board Game. You can play the game at your place with friends and you can also own the horses like Carole, Lisa and Stevie. In this board game you have to take the way of jumping around the given route. You can collect the cards on jumping way and win the game. But the condition is that you should not lose the horseshoe and at the same time not to miss any jump.

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