Horse Racing

Being one of the oldest racing sports, the horse racing is spread all over the world like a fire. Thus in each and every country different method and style of horse racing is conducted. The horse racing sports are known from roman times as sport of kings. The new style of horse racing is mostly associated with the gambling and betting acts.

The modern horse racing system was introduced in 12th century and some advancement took place in 18th century in England. The next step was the constitution of rules, regulations and standards related to the horse racing. Then after different types of horse racing are started in different parts of the world. The noticeable about this game is that it was a part of Greek Olympics.

The various forms of horse racing are found in different countries like in America, South Africa, Australia, Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan and some European countries.

One of the most used and famous form of horse racing is Thoroughbred horse racing. In this type of racing the jockey is neatly mounted to a horse and they enter the horse racing competition. The weight of the jockey is borne by the horse.

The flat and with the jump are tow subtypes in this kind of racing. The hurdle horse racing can be played by the horses which are specially trained because it he needs to cross the obstacles on the lower level as well as the fences in between to win the race.

The second type of horse racing is harness racing. In this type the two wheeler cycles or carts are pulled by the racing horses during the game. This is called as racing with sulkies. But this is not the common type of racing. It is conducted on specific occasions. The fit and healthy horses can take part in it as they have to drag the cart and the jockey on it with them to finish the race. The weight is very heavy and needs specially trained horses.

The Horse racing is quite popular and usual in some countries. Thus big racing tracks are formed in various 33 countries. For the normal flat racing there are more than 90 racetracks in various states.

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