Horse Racing Bets

Many people come forward to make horse racing bets with the purpose to earn some money. But it is not just that much easy task. It needs lots of thinking and analysis for setting up the bets. The check on the past records of the horse races and the calculations related to the horses in last three races is required for placing the bets. There are many types of bets which should be considered while deciding the Horse racing bets.

Following are some common types of bets on horse racing.

Common Bets:

Straight bet or win Bet- It is the most common and initial form of betting. The bettor set his bet on the offered odds by oddsmaker. You can collect the stake and odds if your chosen horse finishes the race first in the stipulated horse racing.

Place bet- The place is the more specific type of bet. IN this you collect the money if your selected horse crosses the line either first or second as specified in the betting.

Show Bet- It is a wagering in which the quite unspecified form is followed. When the third horses crosses the finish line, you can collect money if your selected horse win the first, second or third position.

Combination Bet- The combination bet is a bit large size bet in which you bet on more than one horse. If the sequence given by you for the two horses or four horses is stood correct then you will be the winner of betting.

Complex Bets:

Pick 3- it is the sequence of races played in horse racing. In this type the bettor place the bets on the three consecutive races. He has to pick the winners of all these consecutive three races. If it will be proved right then the bettor will collect. Some race tracks follow different pattern. The rolling pick 3 is one type in which punter must select the three races in a straight row and go further in continuation.

Pick 6- The punter has to select the winning horses from six consecutive races. It is prior to first race of pick 6. But some racetracks follow the method pick 6 as per their own standards. In this way, you can place the pick 6 bet on first six races from starting, the middle six horse races in the series or the lasting six races o the game.

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