Horse Racing:

Horse Racing is an equestrian sport which has been practiced over the centuries and around the world. There are different types of horse racing. They are,

Betting: At many horse races, there is a gambling station, where money s staked against horses by gamblers. The tracks where betting is allowed, most tracks offer Pari-mutuel betting where gamblers’ money is pooled and shared proportionally among winners.


“Equibase.com has it all” is the slogan of one of the most reputed company that deals in everything thing that is connected to horse racing. Equibase is a company that deals in everything, right from accessories to entry forms for racing.

Equibase also deals with horse betting and the monetary facts about horse racing. The website of the company allows you to get in touch with all the facts and figures related to horse racing. It also provides us with the news concerning the horse racing like the buying and selling of a specific horse, the figures of any specific horse regarding its performance, expert selections along with Thoro-Graph form ratings.

Equibase also claims that its website provides all the information and products that are needed for North American Horse Racing which is provided by an official source. IT also provides us with the daily entries results workouts and race programs. The website of Equibase also provides us with information sorted on the basis of horses and video replays of last races.

Equibase enjoys the official partnership of ESPN, MSNCS, NTRA, TVG, Xpress Bet, Youbet.com.

Availability of information:

The early entry information is normally available 72 to 48 hours prior to the post time for the first race which depends upon the track’s draw schedule. The final entry information is normally available 48 to 24 hours prior to the first post time. Quick results may be obtained 10 minutes after the race is declared official. Complete results and ChartPlus can be obtained 40 minutes after the race is declared official. If the results are not posted, then you will have to check the cancellations page to see that if the race was cancelled or declared a no contest.

Information on individual horses:

You can get information on individual horses on the In-Today list that is available on the homepage of Equibase. For breeding and performance information you will have to visit the website equiline.com.


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