Guitar Chord Chart

The guitar chord chart describes the harmonic and rhythmic intricacies of music pieces. There are so many different kinds of guitar chords used by many musicians and professional bands. You cannot only find these guitar chord charts for guitar but you can also find in many other music instruments like piano, drums, banjos etc. The knowledge of guitar chords is necessary when you are interested to join commercial music industry or even if you just want to improve your general guitar skills.


Before we proceed to know some information about guitar chord charts, we have to understand chord symbols. You can find specific symbols in form of notations, so we can call these symbolic notations as harmony.

A Rhythm notation

A Rhythm notation defines the way in which you play on guitar or in other words, it is indicated by chords. The chords written are called staff and the rhythm is indicated by chord chart. The pitch is represented by slashes that are place at the centerline.

Slash notation

The slash notation is one of most popular notations, which is also a commonly used musical notation. These will enable players to create their own rhythms according to chord symbol. On an each beat, a slash is place on the staff. The standard slashes required are always measured 4 by 4 times.


The guitar chord chart helps you to understand the chords and they enable you to develop various sounds, this improves your performance.

The guitar chord charts help you to reduce time while you are compiling music. One of the greatest uses of the guitar chords charts is that they are useful for personal use as well as professional use.

Basic Guitar Chord Chart

There are so many kinds of different guitar chord charts available in the market. For example, basic charts which show by some easy methods to play chords. These are represented in the form of a chord diagram or "box diagram". These box notations are easy to understand by its users.

Examples of chord diagrams

Barre chord diagrams

Barre chords diagram is a type of guitar chord diagram in which the fret number is left to the box and adjacent to the 1st fret. This is the starting point of chord. The number G7 in the diagram starts on fourth fret and it is the top fret. In addition, you can see dots, which are across to the arc these represents barre chord information with single finger position laid across the fret-board to develop multiple notes.

A chord diagram

The chord diagram is represent by some standard symbols this will teach you to put your finger at particular chord. The circles that are representing in circles show to which string you should move your finger. The number on circles represents, to which string you, should move your appropriate finger for example one represent index finger and four represent little finger. In addition to symbol, O (which is at the top of the box) indicates the open played string and X symbol represent (which is at the top of the box) string not played.

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