Gibson Guitar

The Gibson guitar is manufactured by Gibson Corporation. They are prominent manufactures of acoustic and electronic guitars. The Gibson guitar is a solid body guitar, which costs nearly 2300 Dollars. Today there are so many types Gibson guitars available that can be configured with in 2 seconds as they are based on Gibson's robotic technology.

The Gibson guitar contains a revolutionary 6-way pick up switch with three white blade single coil pick-ups. Its rotary selector gives flexibility for six pickups for Example Bridge, Middle Bridge, Middle and Middle Neck, Neck and Bridge Neck. This functionality will enable users to experience and play with the most extraordinary spectrums of sound.

The Body of a Gibson Guitar:

The body of Gibson guitar is made from swamp ash wood. The neck specifications are based on mahogany and the profile of Gibson guitar is base on SG. The width of nut is 1.695 degree and the neck joint location is 19.

Finger Board

The fingerboard specification, its scale length is 24, the numbers of frets are 22 and it contains dot inlays.

The hardware description is given by it contain planting finish of chrome and it contain tailpiece of stop bar , its bridge is based on tune-matic, and knobs based on black top hat with gold inserts, the machine head (tuners) of Gibson guitar is based on green keys.

Electronic Description

The neck pickup is build of blade single coil and middle pick up is base of blade single coil.

The Bridge Pickups:

The bridges pick up formed by blade single coil and it contains some controls like one volume, one tone, a select rotary switch.

There are some other settings are available for example, its string wires are .010 to .046mm thick with white pick guard.

The Case:

The Gibson guitar consists of case interior is plush white, and the exteriors are black with reptile pattern, the case's silkscreen has a genuine silver Gibson logo.

The Gibson guitar is one of the first electronic and robotic guitars available today.

There are many advantages while using Gibson guitar for example; it eliminates tuning problems because it is based on automatic A440 tuner, it gives facility to player to play across six commonly used tuning presets through push of the button.

It allows user to tone guitar in very less time and you can make change strings, truss rod, and adjust it in many conditions. With locking tuner, with single string changes you can make change to entire set of strings.

The Gibson guitar consists of five high technology parts that are very light and do not alter any change to the Gibson guitar. It has a control knob that servers as a volume control enable you to tune while you push or pull it. Each tuner consists of specialized servomotors that can be adjustable according to the pitch of the strings. Together they are control by a tune control bridge. While using Gibson guitar you will get full control on your rhymes and sound.

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