The Guitar can be defined as an instrument with a long fretted neck. Guitars have been popular since five thousand years ago. The word guitar has been derived from the Spanish language. This musical instrument has six strings but even four, seven, eight, ten and twelve strings guitars also exist. In olden days, guitars have been made by using various woods and strung with animal gut. Recently guitars are made of either nylon or steel strings. Guitars are one of the main instruments used for flamenco, rock music, and blues and even in many forms of pop. Guitars can be divided to two categories that referred to as acoustic and electric guitars.

There are different kinds of guitars and each produce different sound. The difference between each guitar can be recognized by the sound of each guitar. The different types of guitars are as follows

* Acoustic guitars uses a soundboard that is a wooden piece mounted on the front of the guitars body. Acoustic guitars are available with a variety of pickups that enable the layer to amplify and modify the raw guitar sound.

* Electric guitars are used in blues, jazz and pop music. Unlike acoustic guitars, electric guitars need an additional amplifier. These amplified electric guitars are different from other guitars.

* Arch top guitar has a hollow body and steel strings are used for this instrument. These arch top guitars have holes on top.


* Classical guitars have nylon strings and they are played mainly for classical music.

* Russian guitars are seven string guitars that were very popular through out the 19th century.

* Guitar battened is smaller compared to the classical guitar and is played with four or five metal strings .It is popular in Calbria in Southern Italy.

Bass guitars enable the musicians to play a very low note as they have very thick strings. An electric bass guitar is very common. Guitars meet the demands of both the left-handers and right-handers. The various parts of guitars are as follows

Headstock is at the end of the guitar neck far from the body of the guitar. Headstock is used mainly for tuning the instrument.

Fret board is a piece of wood that is at the top of the neck and this helps in tuning the higher pitch notes.

All parts of guitars are attached to one long wooden extension and it is called as neck.

Strings are another important part of guitar and the strings made of steel are commonly used.

Guitars are transposing instrument. Its pitch sounds normal and the most commonly used tuning is standard tuning. Guitars can be played as solo or with other instruments .It can be used for pop music as well as for classical music.

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