Some guitars have pickups to convert the vibration of the steel chord strings into electrical current and these types of guitars are called as electric guitars. In many popular styles of music like jazz, blues, rock and roll, country music e electric guitars are used. It is even used in contemporary classical music. Many famous musicians enjoy playing on the electric guitars.

In the year 1932, the guitarist Kansas of Wichita performed with the electric guitar for the first time. The first solid body electric guitars was invented by Lespaul in the year 1942. In the year 1950, Leo fender designed the first commercially successful solid body electric guitar with a single magnetic pick up. It was named as the Esquire.

The movements of the strings in the electric guitar induce a very small electrical current in the magnetic pick-ups and make very clear sound. All the magnetic pick-ups usually pick up the unwanted electromagnetic noises. In an electric guitar, the unwanted noises are eliminated. Induced currents and circuits are the main working principles of electric guitars. In an electric guitar, the coils are wrapped with very fine wire and are under the ferromagnetic string.

Unlike acoustic guitars, the bodies of the electric guitars are very solid and do not have any holes to accommodate vibration. Electric guitars are made of hard wood with a lacquer coating and have six steel strings. In any music that features electric guitar the audible sound is produced by pick-ups that convert the vibrations into an electrical signal.

This electrical signal is passed on to an amplifier and then to a speaker. Electric guitars have necks that vary according to the composition as well as its shape. There are different neck shapes as C necks and v-necks. The cut of the neck can help to define the particular sound that the electric guitar makes.

There are many strings and each musician play on different strings. Tiny Grimes is a noted four-string player.

Another type of electric guitar is the hollow body electric guitar. These have pick ups mounted on its body. The hollow body electric guitar works in a same way as the old body electric guitar. The only difference is that when the hollow bodies vibrate the pick-ups and convert the body vibration in to an electric signal.

Electric guitars can be played either solo or with any other instruments. It is popularly used in pop music and even classical music. A student of academy of science completed the largest electric guitar and technology in the year 2000.This electric guitar measures 13 metres long, and weighs 1018 kilograms.