Sean Paul Like Glue

Sean Paul was born in 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica. He is commonly referred to as dance hall king. He has some other popular nicknames like "movin easy", City Kitty Controller and so on. He is an excellent swimmer. Though he had some sports interest, he recognized his music interest in his childhood. He had a passion for rhythm. Soon he had begun to write songs. He released his first album in the year 2000. He won a Grammy award in the year 2004. The success of his albums make him world famous. He has crazy fans all over the world.

Sean Paul Like glue is one of his famous albums. You can get it downloaded free and can set as your ring tone. Sean Paul Like glue has total length of 3: 54\ 98bpm. This was written by Dutty Rock and Tony Kelly. The song is cool and liked by everyone. You can get the lyrics for Sean Paul Like glue album in the net. It is a big hit among youths.

Sean Paul Like glue album is as catchy as fuck. The dance hall beat and the rhythm is wonderful. The sweet chorus properly blunt with Sean Paul's vocals. The album has another surprise. In spite of the beat, it is melodious in the middle. Hence it is really enjoyable. The rhythm will definitely make you forget all your worries or sometimes you will forget the surroundings.

You can get the instructions to download the music album in the net. Like glue music code is available in online.

Sean Paul turned to be dance hall performer in later years. Sean Paul released albums in collaboration with other singers also. The number 1 hit album in the year 2005 was released by him only. In September 2006, he released his fourth album.

Sean Paul continued to give a series of super hits. Nah, Get no Bly, Excite me are some of his top most hit albums. His wonderful style of writing and voice makes him a leader in this field.

His collaboration with the dance hall artist, Rihanna for the album "Break it off" was released in July 2006. It was a popular album among youths.

Features of Sean Paul like Glue album:

In this album Sean Paul is dancing with the girls that he is sticking to like glue. But the rhythm in like Glue is really good. This album is sure to grant good time for all.

You can get Like Glue song free. You can also set the song as your ring tone free. But for this, you have to send a mail along with your cell number. Another important feature is that you can get free ring tone of Like glue even though you are not an US resident.

You can also watch like Glue Video in the net. It is pretty good to see Sean Paul dancing in the video. If you want, you can get the video code free of cost from the net.

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