Pur Glue

PUR is an acronym of Poly Urethane Reactive. PUR Glue is the most flexible and strong adhesive used by most of the book binding experts. PUR glue will last for longer period than any other ordinary hot melt glue or cold emulsion glue. It is clear and you need only a little of this glue to get good bind. It stands up in any temperature. Extreme heat or cold cannot affect this adhesive.

Generally, the hot melt glues used initially in bookbinding had the drawback of losing their strength and thereby the pages in the book were lost. This will not be a problem if you are using the book for shorter period only. Nevertheless, it will be a serious problem if you want to preserve the book for so many years. Failing glues in bookbinding did not have any alternative until 1980. However, now there is a solution for this problem with the introduction of PUR glue.

Benefits of PUR glue:

This glue overcomes all the difficulties in the hot melt glue. It is strong as well as flexible. Even if you put the book bind with PUR glue in water, it will not fail. Therefore, nowadays many museum quality books and library books are being bound with PUR glue only. It is also cheap. It remains unaffected by the environment. As it is three times much stronger than traditional glues, you can preserve your valuable books for years together.

PUR glues need 24 hours for curing. It is not the fast binding option. However, it grants perfect binding. If you handle it carefully with proper ventilation and at correct temperature, it will not pose any health or safety issues. But PUR glue contains Methylene Diphenyl Disocynate (MDI). Hence prolonged exposure o this may cause respiratory problems. However, the amount of MDI is considerably lower in PUR than the traditional hot melt glues.

PUR glue ensures customer satisfaction. Though it is little bit costlier than hot melt glues, most of the people now wish to use this since it is an excellent tool for binding. Some binding experts to cure PUR glue fast are using nowadays -new formulae.

PUR glue helps to avoid any reprint of the bound books. It is perfect glue for binding and gluing off case bound books. You can take some safety measures in order to prevent you from prolonged exposure to this glue. For this, you should first read the manual provided with the product. Always ensure the adequate temperature specified by the manufacturer. Also, avoid repeated skin contact.

Wonders of PUR glue:

Though hot melt glues are inexpensive and cured in short period, they could not withstand extreme temperature. They should be avoided when working with heavy coated stocks. However, PUR glues can be used for perfect binding and they can hold up to 200F temperature. It can be used to adhere the most difficult materials. It is pliable and you will need only a small amount to get good result. It remains unaffected by the migration of ink vehicles. It is durable and never loses its strength in any condition.

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