How To Glue In Hair Extensions

Every woman is dreams about long silky hair. However, it is not possible for all to get lustrous locks of hair. However, new cosmetic technologies have made it possible to get hair extensions by numerous methods. One of the most effective ways is to attach hair extensions directly to your hair by using heated glue sticks. A glue gun is used to heat the glue sticks and melts the glue.

How to glue in hair extension?

Some of the ways to glue in hair extension are as follows:

U Tip hair extension method:

First part your hair into sections and slightly twist it each part. Use U tip strand and lay the sectioned hair. Then melt the glue tip. Role and seal the tip. The U tip hair is attached. It can be removed easily with the help of a remover. It is a temporary hair extension only.

Hot glue gun method:

Glue gun is used in hair extension which has glue sticks. The gun will heat the glue sticks and melts the glue. Then hair extension and glue are directly attached to the hair. Large size glue guns about 12 mm are available in the online shops.

Bonding glue method:

This is the simplest method to glue in hair extension. Bonding glue is applied onto the weft of the hair extension and then it is attached to the human hair. It can be easily removed with the remover. Bonding glue remover is available in the net shops and it is suitable for cold bonding glues. However, you should not use this to remove hot and melted glue sticks.

Hair extension glue products:

Liquid Gold bonding glues:

This product is available in a bottle. This is a cold bonding glue that will help in attaching hair extension to the hair directly. It is safe and effective. It works greatly for temporary use.

Small glue sticks: The small glue sticks are suitable to use with glue gun. You can heat and melt the glue to attach hair extension. It is available in two colors yellow and black.

Large glue sticks: This is also a type of hot melt glue sticks. Each glue stick is 26.5cm long. This is also available in yellow and black colors. There are 10 pieces in this set.

Keratin glue pellets: Keratin glue pellets can be used along with the keratin hot pot. The glue is available in small tablet form and it is amber in color.

Keratin glue pot: It can also be used with keratin hot pot.

Nuke-Lear Fusion glue: This is the best glue for doing hair extension. It cools faster and blends well. It can be removed quickly. This glue is available in stick form. One set contains 10 glue sticks. This is a product from Rock star. Since it is a quality product it will not damage or discolor the hair.

Glue removers:

Bonding glue remover: You can use this product to remove bonding glues used in hair extension. It is meant for professional use only.

Removal lotion: This can be safely used to remove pre bonded or fusion hair extension. This is safe for human hair. The removal solution in the form of lotion enhances the result.

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