Glue Guns

We often have to stick different types of things together. And for this purpose different types of glue and adhesives are used. However, there are some things that do stick with these things for example plastic pieces glass things etc. therefore in these cases using the hot glue that is a type of thermoplastic. This is to be applied with the help of special guns that are available for this purpose known as glue guns. These have become very popular these days for the household use because of their simplicity and usefulness.

The separate sticks of the plastic are available in the market. These need to be put in the glue guns. Glue sticks having variety of diameters are available in the market. However, the most common ones are those with the diameter of 11 millimeter. The common length for the household use is 10 centimeters.

Moreover for both the technologies of the glue guns that is the hot and the cold guns, the special types of sticks are used. These sticks are also classified according to the material of the plastic that is used in them. These can contain plastic with varying resistance or strength etc. Some example of the plastics that are used for these guns are the ethylene vinyl acetate, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.

The glue guns work on the mechanism of melting these and thus it can be applied on the desired things. For the heating this gun makes use of the electric power. Both the types i.e. the ones that work on the power supply from the mains and also the battery operated guns are available in the market. The power that the battery can supply is also enough for them to melt the plastic. For this purpose the plastic used too has a low melting point.

The cold i.e. the lower temperature guns work on the temperature around 250 degree. Celsius. The lower temperature guns are suitable for the things for which it is not possible to user the high temperature and also the strength requirement is also lower. Therefore you can use them for the lace, clothes, or decorative or craft articles etc.

And the high temperature guns will work at the temperature of around 380 degree Celsius. These guns are used when there is a need of greater strength in the bond that is created because of the joining with the glue. As this gun works at higher temperature also it is important to consider whether the thing on which we are applying them does not receive any damage due to the hot plastic. These guns can operate at both the high temperature as well as the lower temperature.

The guns working on the battery are also available in the market. However they are generally for the lower temperature use only.

Using the high temperature guns can even burn our own hands as well. Therefore they should be carefully used. The plastic remains in the melted form for some time after application therefore some time is needed to allow it to dry and harden up. Therefore, the plastic should not be touched until it becomes hard again.

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