Glue Dots

The glue dots are small dots of an adhesive material, which are semisolid in form. These are used for sticking different things together as the other glue products. They are not that sticky before using them however. When we apply pressure on them, they stick to the things, which are putting the pressure on both the sides. They are very useful options among the various products used for the sticking purposes. They are easy to use, non-toxic and can be used to stick a wide range of things.

These glue dots are made from suitable adhesive materials and they do not contain anything else. Various shapes and sizes are available for the glue dots. However, their size is small, about 1/5 inches in diameter, and therefore while using them, they have to be used in groups. They are commonly round in shape however they are available in any shape.

They are available in the four types according to the strength of the bond that they bind the things with. These are the low track, high track, medium track and super high track. In addition to these types, they are divided into three types of profiles. These are to be used accordingly for the purpose for which each of them is designed.

The materials that these dots can stick range from, easy to stick as paper, to the things, which cannot be fixed with the simple liquid glues used for the household purposes. Therefore, they can be used for sticking plastic, small articles of glass or, similar articles of other materials in the house. In addition to this, they can be used for sticking the materials as, posters or, wall hangings on the walls, which does not have proper binding surface. They are also used for the commercial purposes for fixing the furniture, or articles made from glass, etc.

While using the glue dots for sticking the things together, we have to use the glue dots according to the things that we are going to stick. If we want to stick things as paper or other lightweight things, then there is not much need for strength and therefore we can use lesser number of dots. The things that have greater weight can also be fixed with these dots. The only thing is that here, we have to use more number of glue dots, which can support such weight.

While applying the dots we can apply them on the corners or, the along the border of the things or, if much more strength is needed you should apply them in the central part or throughout also. We should try to distribute the load equally on all the dots that we use.

These glue dots have many advantages over the other glue products. The most important of them is that they can stick those things, which cannot stick with the help of the ordinary glues. In addition to this, they are easier to handle and apply, than the wet and sticky glues.

They are better options to the glue guns as they are simpler and cheaper than them.

As they are cheaper and easy to use, they can be used by children and people for their simple purposes. They are washable and therefore they can be used for sticking the things, which get wet regularly.

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