Glue Chip Glass

The glue chip glass is a type of glue that is used for decoration of the glasses. It is a type of glue, which we can apply on the glasses of windows, doors, etc, and that we would like to decorate. This glue dries and hardens after sometime of application after which it gives rise to beautiful patterns on the glass.

Using the glue chip glass, we can give the glass a frosted look. Therefore, combining this technique with the glass carving, we can make very beautiful and attractive designs on the glasses. Such types of glasses decorated with this glue are called chipped glasses.

These glues used for making glue chip glass, are available in the market in the form of solid glue, or as liquid glues. They are used in all the parts of the world and are very common in the US and the European countries. The chipped glass has an additional advantage than just looking beautiful, they block the view and the sunrays coming from the outside. Therefore, it is not possible for anybody to peep in the house. They allow the light rays with the lower energies and block the high-energy rays such as the ultra violet rays. Thus, applying them on the windows also offers protection from the harmful radiations.

Before applying this glue on the glass, the glass surface should be roughened. This is important because, it would help in the adhesion of the glue with the glass. For this, the best method is the sandblasting though you can use the other methods too, for roughing the glass. As we have to pour the glue on the glass, it is better if we apply a tape or some thing for blocking the glue from flowing through the sides of the glass.

After this, we need to prepare the glue for applying it on the glass. For this, we have to mix it with water. The ratio of the glue to the water is very important, as this would affect the designing pattern, which is to be formed on the glass. Cold water should be used for mixing with the dry glue. The ideal ratio for this is 2:1 i.e. two parts of water and one part of glue.

After mixing, the glue should absorb the water and therefore it should be left standing for about one hour. After some time a gelatinous mixture is formed from this. This mixture should be heated in a double boiler at about 140 degree Celsius. However, it should not be allowed to boil.

On a cleaned glass that has support such as DAM for avoiding the over flowing of the glue, you have to pour this mixture. However, before this the glass should be placed horizontally. It is very important that the glass be placed on a leveled surface. This would facilitate the spreading of the glue evenly on the glass surface.

Then glue should be left for drying. The drying can be divided into 3 stages. First stage is the pre drying stage. Then the second stage is the preliminary drying stage. This should be about 12 to 24 hours and during this stage, the water content from it is eliminated. Then, is the secondary drying i.e. the chipping stage. During this, the glue starts breaking or peeling at several places. This is called the chipping of the glue, which gives the special appearance to the glass on which glue is applied.

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