Elmers Glue

The Elmer is a prominent company that manufactures different types glue and adhesives. It has a very wide experience since 1947, in the field of manufacturing different types of glue and adhesives. Its headquarters are located at Columbus Ohio. However today, its products have reached many more countries.

The first white glue of the common use was made and marketed by Borden with the trade name "Cascorez Glue". It marketed it in the form of glass bottles having the pop wooden sticks as used in the ice creams. However, after a few days, they renamed this as Elmer.

Since then, the Elmer company has created a name for itself in the all the types of glues. They include the commercial as well as the household use glues. In addition to this they also make some more things like the colors etc for drawing etc.

For the household purposes, they manufacture glue sticks, glue bottles, etc. Kids can use them for their craft etc. these glues are of simple type and they are to be used for the purposes where there is not need for greater strength. The bottles contain glue in the liquid form. They have proper arrangement so that we can pour them it on the right place where we have to apply it. On the other hand the glue sticks are sticks of a solid material and we can just drag them on the thing which we have to stick using it. However they are not as strong as the liquid glues.

Some of the types are washable. These are non toxic and quick drying.

In addition to this, the Elmer also makes glues, which can be used for the commercial purposes as well. Among them are the wood glues wood which can be used in the making and repairing of the wooden furniture. The others are the ultimate glues. These glues are for the applications where the need for the strength is too high. These are washable and they form a very strong bond.

The nano glues can also be used for such purposes. The flooring adhesive is used for attaching the tiles and other material used for the flooring etc. They are water resistible and also they do not get decomposed even after a long time. This is important as they have to bind the floor for a long time.

The Elmer also manufactures the aerosol adhesives. These can be stick spayed and therefore we can use for making sticky the whole surface of the walls or the furniture etc. they also work on plastics. These dry very fast, and they are filled in the containers with sufficient pressures so as to spray it over a large distance. They have good strength and therefore they can be used for mounting paper or other things on the Styrofoam and foam boards.

All these glues, whether they may be for the commercial purpose or for the household arts and crafts, are non toxic and therefore environmentally safe.

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