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Corian Glue

The Corian is a naturally occurring stone that was used for decoration in the kitchen and other places in the house. However, in the beginning, when only the original Corian was used, it was an expensive material and considered a status symbol.

In the 60s, DuPont invented the artificial Corian glue, which resembled and could substitute the natural Corian. The method was easy, the raw materials that were used for making this were widely available, and therefore its price was very much lower and affordable to most of the people. Therefore, within a few years, it became very popular and came to be used in widely in the United States and other countries.

The Corian is made using the natural stones and an acrylic resin. The common composition of the Corian is 2/3 parts of aluminum trihydrate i.e. AL(OH)3. This is also known as the white clay. The second important thing used for the making of the Corian is the methyl methacrylate. This is the resin that provides stickiness to the Corian. In addition to these materials the Corian glue also composes of edible pigments.

For applying the Corian glue first the surface of the material should be properly polished. Then it is better to attach a bond of some plastic or metal on the surface where, the Corian is being used. Then the Corian glue can be poured on the surface. This should be spread evenly and made smooth. This will harden up after sometime. During this, you can also place some protective covering on it, until it hardens up.

The Corian glue has great advantages, one of which is that they can be made with different colors and textures. Therefore we do not have to color it externally. Moreover it is possible to polish them, using sand paper etc. Therefore, when they are scratched we can again polish them and thus make them look new.

The composition makes the Corian shiny, attractive, and impermeable to water. Therefore, we can use it for the countertops of the bathrooms, kitchens, etc, where there is always contact with water. They can also be used for making the countertops of the places as the bar, bank, reception desks, panels of window side, swimming pools, handrails, etc. In whichever thing they are used, they make it look beautiful.

As they are impermeable to water they are also impermeable to germs. Therefore, the germs do not gather on them and thus they are very hygienic. Due to this, they are used in hospitals for making the countertops of desks for keeping the instruments in the surgical rooms, or clinics, etc. In addition to this, they are also used for the advertising signs, which are to be placed outdoors.

Because of their attractive nature, they can be used for the decoration of the rooms, the other parts of the house or office.

The advantage of using the Corian glue is that by its use we can give these things the look as if they are made from the natural costly and attractive stones. The Corian glue is long lasting. Though it is soft and can be scratched, we can again polish it to give it again brand new appearance.

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