Weighted Gloves

Weighted Gloves are for all ages. Gloves can be best described as garments that are used to cover the hands of humans. These gloves have separate sheaths or openings for the fingers and the thumb. There are also fingerless gloves where the openings or sheaths for covering the fingers and thumb are absent.

Gloves are mainly used for protecting the hands and also for comfort and warmth during the cold winters. Gloves are available in different kinds of materials like cloth, rubber, nit rile, latex, leather, wool etc.

Gloves serve different purposes and there are a variety of gloves like Billiards gloves, Boxing gloves, Fingerless glovers, Baseball gloves, ufc gloves, motorcycle gloves, heated gloves, mechanics gloves, Kevlar gloves, rubber gloves, latex gloves, driving gloves, weighted gloves, mechanix gloves etc.

Gloves have found flavor among many sporting enthusiasts and it is recommended that gloves which have weights attached to them be used in resistance training. These weighted gloves help the person wearing them during training to increase their muscles mass and also to lose weight faster.

Weighted gloves can be worn by boxers who train for boxing tournaments and these weighted gloves serve the same purpose as that of wrist weights. The weights help to increase the distance for leverage and this causes less strain on the wrist as the weight is positioned there. These weighted gloves are not heavy they are ideal to use when training in fist strikes.

Weighted gloves can be used in a number of sporting activities like martial arts, while jogging or even any cross training workouts which involve resistance training. Each of the weighted gloves weighs approximately 1.2 lbs. each and they also come with two detachable 1/2 lb. weights.

These gloves are made from neoprene a kind of material which helps provide extra comfort to the hands. Most of the weighted gloves come only in a single size which fits anybody.

These weighted gloves help to enhance the cardio training workouts and because the weights are secured over the back of the hand give this helps to intensify the exercise. There are some weighted gloves like the kickboxing weighted gloves which have weights which cannot be removed.

There are weighted gloves which can also be used for baseball. This glove when worn helps to increase speed and helps to develop the proper technique of pitching and throwing with tremendous speed and force.

The weighted glove used by a baseball player helps him to hit the ball with tremendous power. Each glove comes fitted with 12 ounces of weights and they can further be increased by 2 ounces right up to a pound. This weighted glove helps to increase the batting sped and it is a great accessory for throwing, stretching and warming up. It helps to strengthen the muscles in the hand. Elevate your training to the next level.

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