Rubber Gloves

Rubber Gloves aren't just for doctors. In fact, it is common to find many people wearing rubber gloves these days as it is one of the most common gloves in the market today which is being used by many people all over the world for a number of purposes.

A rubber glove is actually made of rubber and it is worn on the hands to protect the hands against harmful chemicals like when we wash our dishes or the bathrooms using harmful detergents and cleaning solutions.

These harmful chemicals found in all dishwashing liquids and cleaning solutions will tend to react with the surface of the hands and tend to make it react with the skin causing rashes. Rubber gloves can also be worn when we are dealing with hot water especially when we wash heavily stained oily dishes.

As early as 1960's, people have been using rubber gloves for washing dishes and cleaning the home. Rubber gloves come is various designs and colors but the most common rubber gloves are ones that are of pink and yellow colors with long cuffs. These two colors are even popular among many today.

These rubber gloves are available in two lengths, one which is up to the wrist and the other stretches right up to the shoulder. It is not uncommon to find rubber hand gloves which are preattached to shirts and body suites which offer plenty of protection for the whole hands.

Household rubber gloves have been used for washing dishes and cleaning in the home since the 1960s. Many different designs of gloves have been available in a multitude of colors but traditional designs in yellow or pink with long cuffs.

While these still remain the most popular patterns today, gloves can be obtained that range from wrist-length to those that are shoulder- length. There are even gloves that are pre-attached to shirts and body-suites for added protection.

The rubber gloves which are used for washing and cleaning should have a skin tight fit while there is still plenty of room for the hands to breathe as this will allow the hands to have better grip of the objects they are trying to hold and also for better manipulation.

There are raised patterns on the fingers and palms of the gloves which provide for the excellent grip especially when handling costly chinaware. Rubber gloves offer protection from germs when cleaning toilets and when giving a bath to pets like dogs and cats.

Latex rubber is the most common material that is used for making rubber gloves. Even though some gloves come with a flock inner lining it is the unlined gloves which provide greater comfort especially when removing them.

People working in cafés, restaurants cleaning dishes, shops and other public places commonly use gloves made of rubber. These gloves are thick and give excellent protection. Rubber gloves have gained popularity because they are cheap and reusable.

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