Mechanix Gloves

Mechanix Gloves are great for home or work. Mechanix Gloves are manufactured by the Mechanix Company which is a manufacturing company of gloves situated in Valencia, California. This company makes all the types of gloves needed for everyday gloves, industrial gloves, racing gloves, safety gloves, mechanics gloves etc.

Their motto is Mechanix Is a Glove that fits All. The make high performance gloves which can be used for all types of works which helps prevents unwanted cuts, abrasions, scrapes, blisters, punctures and any form serious injury to the hand.

The Mechanix gloves are made to provide excellent hand protection with importance given to a proper fit so as to allow the hand and fingers to function at their optimal level and help reduce fatigue and also provide the maximum safety.

There are various varieties of Mechanix gloves like Mechanix Wear Utility Glove, mechanix Wear Impact Glove, Mechanix Wear MRT gloves which are specially designed for mechanic to be used in garages to be worn on the hands while conducting routine check ups and repairs of all types of vehicles like cars, race cars, and motorcycles.

The Mechanix Wear Utility Glove can be rightly termed as a glove which has many uses. Wearing these gloves it is possible to do any type of job be it mowing lawn or raking all the leaves in the garden or even going right under the hood of the car to replace a spark plug.

This wonder glove has innumerable uses and can be used both at home and at shops. There is a two way form fitting Spandex top which stretches to give optimal perfect fit, comfort and plenty of ventilation which is provided by the Lycra lining which is provided between the fingers so that the fingers get the dexterity needed and ventilation is at the maximum.

The gloves are also provided with inner seams to prevent them from snagging while the palm of the glove is made of Mechanix Wear's Dura Fit synthetic leather which is exclusive to the company. This prevents the hand and palms fro injuries and also provides strength to all the fingers and thumb.

The Mechanix Wear Impact glove is a high performance glove which not only gives added protection but also has an excellent fit. These pair of gloves is highly useful to people who are employed in the construction industry and mechanics. It can be used for laying bricks at a site or used to turn a wrench.

This glove is provided with Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) panels which are ribbed so as to provide an extra layer for good protection for the back of the hands, knuckles and also the fingertips. These gloves are also provided with a duel layered padded Zues Claino panel which ensures that things do not slip from the hand. It also provides maximum comfort and is extremely durable.

Both these gloves can be repeatedly machine washed and will not stretch at any point of time or will not become hard after several washings like other gloves.

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