Leather Gloves

Leather Gloves make awesome gifts for men or women. A glove is a piece of garment which covers the hands and has separate openings for the fingers and thumb. A leather glove is just like all other gloves except that it is made out of tanned hide of an animal.

Nowadays there are also synthetic varieties of leather. Leather gloves when worn on the hands offer comfort and protection to the wearer. It was considered as a fashion statement and many people were also hooked to wearing leather gloves. There are even people who go around collecting leather gloves as assort of hobby because of their obsession with them.

At one point of time many people were wearing leather gloves as apart of their attire. Leather has the property of keeping the hands warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. They also offer good grips while keeping the fingers and hands well protected.

Leather gloves are worn in many sporting events like cycling, driving, football, baseball, handball, etc. In the game of baseball an oversized leather glove which has a web in the palm helps to field the ball. Because leather gloves offer better grip football players especially the goalkeepers prefer to use them as it allows them to have a better grip of the ball.

Leather gloves are also used in many occupations and offer excellent protection against harmful chemicals and other occupational hazards. It is common to find many workers in the construction industry wearing leather gloves as it allows them to have better grips and also gives the much needed protection from injuries. Beekeepers wear leather gloves to protect themselves from being stung by bees especially when they are collecting honey.

Leather gloves have been around for many centuries dating as far back as 1592 when Queen Elizabeth I wore them regularly and this is evident from a portrait of her holding a pair of leather gloves in her hands. During the Victorian Era women used to wear leather gloves which were undersized to shrink the size of their hands as it was fashionable and a sign of beauty for ladies to have small sized hands in that era.

During the middle ages soldiers wore gauntlets which are also gloves which were made out of leather and metal. Even in the Old Testament in the book of Leviticus there are instances where the Jews had to produce their leather gloves for examination by the priests to check if there was any mildew present on them and if it was present then the gloves were considered unclean.

Leather gloves are used widely in industrial and construction industries. This is because leather has greater resistance to abrasions and this makes them an ideal choice when it comes to jobs which are of the heavy duty kind. Leather gloves help to protect the fingers and hands from injuries by providing a cushioning impact while workers perform heavy duty jobs like moving machinery etc.

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