Heated Gloves

Heated Gloves are fantastic for winter time. A glove is a piece of garment which covers the hand and has openings or sheaths to cover each finger and the thumb. it is believed that gloves have been around for many centuries even dating back to the era of Queen Elizabeth I where a portrait of her standing with a pair of gloves in her hand can be seen.

The pair of gloves the Queen was holding had been made of leather. Ladies belonging to aristocracy in Europe especially in France and England have always worn gloves some even extending right up to the elbow. These ladies have worn gloves which are a size smaller than their hands to shrink it because it was thought that a smaller hand was fashionable then.

Gloves are available in all varieties of material like cloth, leather, wool which is knitted or felt wool, latex, rubber, nit rile or even vinyl, neoprene, metal, Kevlar, etc. The main purpose of gloves was to protect the hands from cold and to keep them warm during the harsh winter.

In recent times the glove culture has grown and evolved that there are so many different types of gloves which are used for all types of work and even in the different sports. Using gloves has its advantages like criminals never fail to use gloves when they are committing a crime as they certainly do not want to leave their fingerprints behind for the police to find them.

There are cycling gloves, fingerless gloves which are mainly used by cigarette smokers, church organists, and motorcycle riders etc who find that they are better able to maneuver with these fingerless gloves.

Though leather gloves and woolen gloves offer plenty of warmth during the winter months when the weather is extremely cold, new innovations like heated gloves have begun to hit the market. What exactly are these heated gloves?

These heated gloves keep the hands warm with battery and rechargeable gloves and mitts and these heated gloves are very ideal for trekking, walking and winter sports like snowboarding and skiing.

These Heated gloves are made of wool and they have they have batteries which keep the hands warm when turned on. The heated gloves are very useful when the temperature is extremely cold, while people pay with their play stations during the cold months and find it difficult to operate the buttons, while going for a ride on the motor cycle during winter or even while driving car.

These heated gloves help the fingers to stay warm and thus provide greater mobility in extreme cold. Heated gloves come useful to people living close to the Arctic Circle and those who go skating, skiing during the winter months.

There are also USB heated gloves which come with warm padding inside and all one has to do is to plug the gloves to the USB port and the hands become warm immediately and there are 2 levels of heating for the user to choose and adjust. And this becomes extremely useful while you play games, type or use the mouse. These heated gloves come in a single size and fit almost all hands.

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