Football Glove

Football Gloves are popular. In fact, football is a sport which is commonly played by many people all over the world. Foot ball as a sport has gained tremendous recognition and is a sport which is most sought after by many people especially in Europe and South America.

Foot ball has come into the world arena and is being placed by many countries in football tournaments and in world championships which is played once every four years. Foot ball is a sport in which there are two teams playing and each team tries to kick the ball with the foot into the others goalpost which is manned by a goalkeeper.

It is the duty of the goalkeeper to make sure that the ball does not fly past him into the goalpost which is covered by a net. If the ball does enter than a point is scored.

Since it is the goalkeeper who tries to catch the ball and prevent the other team from scoring a point it is this goalkeeper who needs to wear a pair of football gloves to protect his hands from the severe force with which the ball is kicked into the goalpost. The ball is kicked with tremendous force and without proper grip it is next to impossible for the goalkeeper to catch hold of the ball in any circumstances.

The goalkeeper has to protect his hands from abrasions and cuts which can occur due to the force of the ball landing into his hands. This is why he needs to wear a football glove.

This football glove is specially designed so as to provide the best grip on the ball, ample protection to his hands from the quickly moving shots and to provide warmth during the cold season. It is the palms of the goalkeeper which are the most important as it is these which are used to catch the ball which enters the goalpost.

These gloves of the goalkeeper are made of latex foam. It was in 1952 that the use of goalkeeping gloves came into existence and before the 1960's it was unheard of for the goal keepers to wear gloves except when the climatic conditions were not conducive and became chilly.

By the 1980's it became common for all goalkeepers to wear gloves and soon in the 1990's specially designed gloves which offered protection from hyperextension of the fingers were made available to the goalkeepers and this soon became very popular among all goalkeepers.

Hyperextension occurs when the body gets over stretched like when the goalkeeper stretches his hands to catch the ball which is trying to fly past him into the goalpost.

The football gloves which are made of latex which is material which is not only thin but also can be stretched and this can be either obtained naturally or made synthetically.

Ulsport is one manufacturer of football gloves for goalkeepers and these gloves are made from patented palm latex and they have support frame technologies. There are also specially designed goalkeeper's gloves which can perform well during rain. This company provides football equipment to most European Football clubs and teams.

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