Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves are awesome! Everybody wears gloves to protect their hands while they are engaged in activities like gardening, washing, painting, cleaning the dishes, bathrooms etc and most important of all to keep their hands warm and cozy during the cold winter months.

Gloves can best be described as pieces of garments which are used to cover the hands of a human being. These gloves have individual sheaths or openings for each finger and the thumb. It is only when there is an opening but no sheaths to cover the fingers that the garment or glove is known as the fingerless glove.

These fingerless gloves have one large opening instead of separate individual sheaths. The purpose of gloves is to give protection to the hands and fingers while they are engaged in some form of activity which needs protection.

Gloves are made from many different types of material like leather, cloth, rubber, Kevlar, knitted wool, latex, neoprene and even metal.

Fingerless gloves are used by bikers who find that the require dexterity to maneuver their bikes which gloves do not provide. Others who use fingerless gloves are people who smoke cigarettes, the church organists, people who take part in long distance cycle races and those people who love to play video games on their play stations for long periods of time.

Fingerless gloves are also known as glovelettes and these can best be described as looking like regular gloves except that the finger columns are open and are only of half length thus allowing the person wearing the fingerless gloves to expose his fingers.

These fingerless gloves are padded in the palm area so that they give ample protection to the hand and the fingers which are left exposed so not in any way interfere with gripping or any sensation that they come across. Fingerless gloves have an opening at the back which provides sufficient ventilation so that the hands remain cool just like in weight lifting gloves.

Skateboarders and roller skaters also wear these fingerless gloves as it helps to protect their palms and also add grip incase they fallen down Bikers prefer these fingerless gloves as it gives them ample grip of their handle bars. Fly fishermen also wear these fingerless gloves as it allows them to manipulate the line and help in tackling in cooler climate conditions.

Fingerless gloves are also worn as a form of fashion where the person wearing it displays a feeling of rebellion, being reckless, tough and who does not give adman about society like in the punk fashion circles and heavy metal bands. These fingerless gloves are also studded with spikes which can be used to even hurt others during fist fights.

Many homeless people tend to wear these fingerless gloves and hence it is also referred to as Hobo gloves.

Fingerless Gloves -look out Michael Jackson!

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