Baseball Gloves

Baseball Gloves are great gifts. Gloves are a type of garment to help protect and cover the hand against cold or heat, physical damage which can be caused by friction, abrasions, chemicals and diseases and their basic usage is to help protect the wearer from things which their bare hands should not touch.

Gloves are made form different materials and are used for a number of purposes Gloves are also used while people play different types of sports like cricket, football, baseball etc

A baseball gloves or mitt as it is usually called is a large glove made of leather which baseball players wear to help them catch and field balls which are being hit by the batter of the other team Doug Allison was the first man to use a baseball glove during a game when he was a catcher fro the Cincinnati Red Stockings as early as in 1870.

He happened to wear a glove because of an injury to his left hand. But the first documented proof of any baseball player wearing gloves is Charles Waitt who was a St. Louis outfielder/ first batsman who happened to wear gloves on his hands in 1875. It was considered feminine to wear gloves but it soon caught up with the baseball players and modified versions began to appear.

In the beginning baseball players used to cut off the fingertips from a leather glove and wear them so that they had padding for their bare hand. The base ball gloves began to get modified as time went by and soon they had a huge glove on one hand to help them catch the ball in the webbing of the glove and the other hand to help keep the ball intact. A baseball player who is right handed will wear a glove on his left hand while a left handed baseball player will do vice versa.

It is the pattern of the glove which decides the shape and size of the baseball glove. And there are different types of baseball gloves like Catcher's Mitts, First baseman's Mitts, Infielder's mitts, Pitcher's gloves, Outfielder's gloves.

All these baseball gloves are quite specialized and they position specific patterned gloves. These base ball gloves are made specifically to help protect the baseball payers who are fielding in different positions during the game.

The batter tends to hit the ball with extreme force and this can be very dangerous and harmful to the hand of the catcher if he is not wearing a well padded glove on his hand when he is trying to catch the ball.

If you are planning to buy baseball gloves for your friends or family it is best to go to the internet and look at all the details about the baseball gloves being offered by different companies

Some of the major companies which manufacture baseball gloves are Louisville Slugger, Nokona, Rawlings, Spalding, Wilson etc.

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