Main Cause Of Global Warming

Global warming is fact of life that many of us need to deal with. In order to know more about how global warming has come into effect you need to know what the reasons for this greenhouse effect are. While there are many causes which have given rise to global warming, the main cause of global warming is humans.

While you may not feel that this fact is true when you look at how we treat the environment and the pollution that we have heaped on the earth. You can then gain an inkling of the reasons for global warming.

The first place to look for the main cause of global warming is in our cities. The work that we do in the cities in order to have successful lives, helps to cause this greenhouse effect. The main culprits for global warming in our cities are cars and industries. You can see just from walking or driving around how many cars travel to and fro in the streets.

Each of these cars produces carbon as a waste byproduct. This chemical is then sent out into the atmosphere where it gathers with other atmospheric chemicals. These chemical substances travel to the upper part of the atmosphere and here they form a sort of umbrella over the earth.

This is where the term greenhouse effect has come into play. Of course cars are not the only main cause of global warming. You will find that the smoking chimney stacks from older industries send up huge amounts of smoke into the air. While some of this smoke is harmless there are others which are not that harmless.

These more dangerous smoke particles interact with the clouds and the other molecules in the atmosphere. The resulting winds, rain and fog which you see causing havoc with our lives are the effects that you can see from global warming.

Another item that you need to understand is that with the massive amounts of deforestation that we are causing, the amount of life giving rain is reduced. The forests where these trees are located are not able to process the amounts of carbon which is found in the air. As the deforestation is caused by our need for land, timber and plants we are in fact the main cause of global warming and environmental pollution with regards to deforestation.

While there are some people who will argue against the fact that humans are the main cause of global warming, there is ample evidence to support this fact. If you are prepared to stop global warming from becoming even worse then you need to accept your part in the trend of global warming.

As we are the main cause of global warming, we need to work together all over the world to stop the causes and effects of global warming from destroying the world that we live in.

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