Global Warming Facts

Global warming is a phrase that many of us have heard of. There are numerous articles which deal with the detailing of disastrous global warming effects. The different reports about global warming need our consideration as some of the causes of global warming are caused by us.

When you see how the different global warming facts pertain to our lives you begin to understand that we have a role to play in stopping the worst damages from occurring. While we understand how storm effects like El Nino and La Nino. These storm fronts have different effects on the weather which can intensify how storm reacts.

There are times when these storms which are relatively mild turn into highly dangerous ones. This is when you come to the realization that the global warming facts that you have heard about are real.

When forests in tropical countries are denuded of their trees for lumber and firewood, the excess trees which are not needed at all are then burned. This large scale burning of trees causes an enormous amount of carbon to fill the sky.

The rest of the trees are carted off to the lumber farms. The resulting smoke and embers from this useless forest fire bring the carbon levels in the air to a higher level. These carbon molecules interact with other chemicals in the air to produce a greenhouse effect.

This is how deforestation effects global warming. The other causes and effects of global warming occur closer to home. For instance from the global warming facts you will see that the number of cars and other vehicles are on the increase. While this spells good news to the automobile industry it also means lots of carbon emissions.

All in all we can see these effects of global warming happening everywhere that we look. From these results you can get the full global warming facts and how they affect not only us but plants and animals the world over.

From these causes of global warming the effects of natural disasters like weather disasters can be seen to be on the increase. These changes in the weather can make a relatively mild hurricane turn into a category 4 dangerous storm. Perhaps the only way out of this trouble that we have gotten into is to see the facts behind global warming.

Using these global warming facts you can see the best way out of this predicament that we have gotten into. These different global warming facts provide us with a way to change the way that we live so that global warming is no longer a major issue.

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