Personalized Stationary

Personalized stationary has always been a great opportunity for home and school projects; there are people who would rather decorate their own cards than to have them custom-made. Models and designs are incredibly varied: from the use of pressed flat flower blossoms to imprints and hand painting, one has a wide choice range in terms of personalized stationary. A simple way to create some nice handmade cards is to apply a design item to a blank surface, and match it with a special type of envelope afterwards. The weight of the paper and the use of pre-made items could be important when designing personalized stationary.

Let's take the case of a simple personalized stationary item: a folded card designed in the accordion style. In case you intend to paint something or use a calligraphy pen to write a subtle message, you'll have to let the ink or paint dry very well afterwards. The folds of the card are usually made with a bone folder, or in case you don't have one, with the edge of a pencil. Depending on how complex you've imagined the design of such a personalized stationary card, there will also be some gluing and crafting involved too. When you are through with the design part, make sure you allow it to achieve a stable form before using it.

There are other items included in the personalized stationary category: letter sheets, note cards, invitation cards, envelopes and more. The custom of using them is rather aristocratic and it has been passed on for some centuries now: in the past, nobles used to send messages to each other by means of personalized stationary. They printed a monogram, a coat of arms or a title according to the situation. We still enjoy customizing our correspondence, when sending gifts and cards with a very personal touch.

Classic, elegant stationary makes a great gift for all ages. The name of the person you want to surprise will be written in special fonts or characters at the top of each item, and according to experts in the field, this is a great way to underline classy refinement and show appreciation. In case you don't want to take the trouble of ordering personalized stationary to some special manufacturer, you can simply design it at home, by processing simple Word documents in a variety of fonts and styles and printing them afterwards on special types of paper depending on the circumstances.

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