Personalized Paperweight

Included in the category of best available gifts, a personalized paperweight is definitely a good choice when you want to show your appreciation or send a “thank you” message to a person you are indebted to. What is so special about a personalized paperweight? First of all we need to mention that it is usually delicate, small somehow intellectual being a great reminder of a certain past moment. A personalized paperweight creates a nice impression on top of one's desk. Maybe to some, this item is just another object meant to keep a pile of documents or some papers in a certain position, but why not combine the artistic with the functional?

You can use all sorts of ideas for the design of a personalized paperweight: you can choose to include a photo of the person you plan to offer it to, inside the glass, with a short witty message. For some cases people are happy just with the inscription of the monograms inside the personalized paperweight. Depending on the technique used for the engraving, great artistic effects can be achieved; the latest decoration equipment used for such purposes is the laser, and the outcome is truly rewarding. If you make the personalized paperweight in glass, you can rely on frosted effects or impressive contrasts.

Other materials that a personalized paperweight can be made of include marble, crystal, metal, carved stone and so on. The whole point is that despite the individual touch you add to the personalized paperweight it still needs to preserve the practical function it was created for, which means that it really needs to keep the papers in one place. Not all such items come in standard shapes or sizes, on the contrary, the buyer is encouraged to choose from a diversity of models, and find the one that best suits the individual design purposes.

Depending on the complexity of the personalized paperweight you want to order, the price can very well range between $10 and $100, but such details should be established well before ordering the product. The item can very well be associated with a matching business card holder or with some customized pen holders. They look great on the desk and are meeting all the requirements of practical applications. Therefore, a personalized paperweight represents an excellent gift but to someone who is business oriented and actually works at the desk; hence, choose the item carefully for a nice surprise!

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