Personalized Ode

Pretentious as it may sound, the creation of a personalized ode for a very dear family member could be the right choice for an anniversary, a commemoration and even a funeral. But what exactly is a personalized ode? First of all, we are talking about a piece of classic music created by a famous composer to honor a certain person, the country, its martyrs and so on. Personalizing such a piece of music actually means taking the original and adjusting either the words or the tune to a special occasion in one's life. Depending on the nature of the event you plan to use the ode for, lyrics can be re-written accordingly: best wishes for weddings, happy anniversary for a special celebration or homage paying in case the person is no longer alive.

The making of a personalized ode takes time, effort and a lot of dedication, not to mention that inspiration is vital for the matter. Very often, someone who plans to offer a personalized ode as a unique and surprise gift, should turn to the services of music “makers” people who know what it means to transform a musical composition into a new one. The choice of the musical piece is highly important too, think of the fact that you need to have it recognized immediately, since most of the effect relies on the ability of the audience to recognize the real composer.

One very common, yet wonderful ode example is the “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven, a musical masterpiece that cannot leave one untouched. This composition has often served as a personalized ode, but not in the sense that it was modified to render a certain message, but that it was used as a symbol or statement maker for a variety of occasions. For advertising purposes large international companies turn to a personalized ode as an epitome of safety, grandeur, stability and why not, harmony.

Such marketing tricks rely on collective memory: when you hear a personalized ode as part of the advertising campaign, you first relate it to the real composer and its true origin. Then if you hear it several times more in the same business-oriented situation, you will come to associate it with a company or brand name that it has come to represent. Such memory speculations are specific to mass manipulation for promotional purposes, and we should not be surprised to learn that the use of a personalized ode works well for the occasion.

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