Chocolate Fountains

Chocolate is one food that almost everyone loves to eat and drink. As this is the case you will find that chocolate and other types of food especially fruits go well together. One item that you can use to combine these two foods together is that Chocolate Fountains. These fountains send melted chocolate down the sides of the fountain. This never ending river of hot chocolate is the perfect conversation starter at parties and it looks great at wedding too.

While you can buy one of these Chocolate Fountains you may want to look for places which will replace or refund you if anything goes wrong with your fountain. For easy of use you may want to think about hiring a fountain of chocolate instead.

When you look at the fountain you will see that it is comprised of two sections. The first section is where you place the fondue quality chocolate in. to melt this chocolate you will find that there is a heater. Additionally the final item that you will find in these Chocolate Fountains is that of an augur which is corkscrew for the rest of us pump.

Once the chocolate has melted the augur screw will raise the chocolate to the top of the fountain. The melted chocolate will flow over the sides of the fountain tiers. These tier numbers will depend on the Chocolate Fountain that you choose to use.

There are different sized Chocolate Fountains that you can look at either buying or renting. When you decide on either of these choices you will need to have an idea of what this item is going to cost you and how many people will be able to enjoy the zesty taste of fruits and chocolate mixed together.

At the bottom of the fountain there should be a large sized bowl or shallow tier. The melted chocolate will eventually fall into this bowl. From this place you and your guests can dip a selection of fruits and even sliced vegetables in the melted dip. There should be a number of skewers supplied with the Chocolate Fountains.

Using these skewers and large napkins you need to supply plenty of these items as well your chocolate fountain party can be a lot of fun. You may want to see a few of these fountains in action before you make a choice of whether to buy or rent one of these Chocolate Fountains to add some interest to an otherwise normal party or wedding.

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