Flower Tattoos

Body piercing and painting are among the most popular trends of skin decoration that fascinate young people these days. It has become quite a common thing for anyone to have at least one tattoo in the visible or more discreet parts of the body, and there are even preferences in terms of model that definitely vary for men and women. If, for men, abstract shapes, dragons, scorpions and so on are the favorite, flower tattoos are most often the choice of girls and young women. Flower tattoos usually decorate the lower back area, the arms or the feet.

The combination of petals and vines in flower tattoos is a very common thing, not to mention that sometimes they go well with butterflies and a nice rainbow, all combined in a very colorful and tonic body art form. However, before getting permanent flower tattoos, you should try some temporary models that are just superficial paintings on the skin. They are designed without needles and they go away after two or three showers; anyway, the whole point about getting temporary flower tattoos is to be sure they are what you really want. With a permanent one, it is pretty difficult to undo things, though not impossible.

In the old times flower tattoos were part of the cultural life of mystical India, where body painting is still held in high esteem even today. Take for instance the lotus flower tattooss, which definitely stand for the wisdom and serenity of beauty growing out of mud. Consequently, it is almost impossible to deny the rich variety of hidden meanings associated with flower tattoos; maybe the lotus stands for higher associations, but there are other subtle messages body painting send. Orchids very often stand for sexuality while forget-me-nots are great for sad moods.

Any young lady who'd like to get a body painting done, should definitely think well before actually turning to permanent flower tattoos. It's true that you never know whether the same tattoo will look just as great to your eyes in a couple of years, as when you consider it with the teen mind, but many think the effort is worth taking. In case you'd ever want to undo flower tattoos, it is good to know that most of them require laser intervention, and still, they don't guarantee complete removal of the colors under the skin.

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