Flower Tattoo

It looks cool, it looks trendy and many girls feel special when they have one: this is the flower tattoo craze. We say girls and not teenagers in general since a flower tattoo is more likely to decorate the ankles, the feet, the arms and the lower back of a girlie than that of a boy. The kind of tattoo a boy would go for needs to have the “trendy but tough” touch about it: scorpions, abstract shapes, horns, dragons make the favorite choices and the list could go on. Just as a flower tattoo would make a girl feel cool and sexy, the same way, a power symbol would testify for the masculinity of the wearer.

A temporary flower tattoo can be a great option for someone who isn't sure about permanent body painting. This works great for a party, a date or for the satisfaction of a mere whim too. Very often, teenagers avoid getting permanent tattoos because of their parents, and they choose a temporary painting to rise up to their personal expectations while still following the rules set by the elders. Yet, the tradition of getting a flower tattoo in the adolescence is not an invention of our modern times; it may seem odd, by young women used to get such body paintings two thousands years ago too.

Here we are talking about the importance of body painting in countries such as India, where a flower tattoo on the feet or arms was something more than common: it was tradition. This custom is still preserved, and it is used in both the temporary and the permanent variants with henna dye being used for such decorations. In some cases, organic pigments extracted from various herbs were inserted under the skin by different techniques; the most common way of getting a flower tattoo made was either by using needles or small superficial cuts at the skin level.

In case you no longer want a flower tattoo or for some other reason you'd like to have it removed, the procedure is a bit difficult and pretty expensive. First of all, you'd have to address some professional clinic that is specialized in removing skin tissue without scarring, and most often a laser intervention would be required. Depending on the type of dye used in the design, the flower tattoo could be more or less difficult to eliminate, but this is entirely for the service provider to inform you. Sometimes the size of the tattoo as well as the skin depth it has reached have a word to say in the matter, as well; therefore, make sure to cover all such aspects for a satisfactory result. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, Shakespeare pointed out, but of course roses stop smelling good when they start eating through your finances. If the occasion is Mother s Day then of course just giving roses to your mother won't do. One needs to give a variety of flowers, touching all the sentiments and feelings of the mother. Sometimes people become extravagant in giving flowers as a gift, and spend more than they can afford.

If one wants to make his mom feel special by sending her fresh flower bouquets on Mother's Day, but has a limited budget, then he should remember that there are cheaper alternatives to buying flowers for Mother s Day. For those who are not an expert in the purchase of flowers, buying silk flowers rather than real flowers saves quite a bit of money. Flowers, which are real and out of season, cost a lot. While using silk flowers, one can be assured to use any type of flower without worrying about the season.

Another good way to buy cheap flowers is to buy them direct from companies. Not all companies deal directly with consumers, but if proper research is done then one can find plenty of companies offering direct services to the consumers. Purchasing flowers directly from the companies cuts out the middleman, and the overall price is very cheap.

Therefore, there are always ways to cut down the expenditure in purchasing beautiful Mother s Day flowers. Shopping for silk flowers that look real is a sane decision. In fact, silk flowers give you more variety of colors than the real ones. So one can always sustain the warmth of Mother s Day by buying silk flowers at a cheaper price.

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