Flower Duet

The so-called “flower duet” is nothing else but a famous part from a Romantic opera by Leo Delibes, composed in the 1880s. Included in the work entitled Lakme, the “flower duet” still fascinates listeners by the intensity of emotion it triggers. This is the reason for which it has been included in many advertisements, movie soundtracks, not to mention its over-use by the British Airlines and television shows. Basically, there are three wedding bouquet styles. The cascade, round or posy, and hand-tied.

The cascade, as the name suggests, is shaped like a waterfall, more flowers on the top with some flowers flowing downwards.
It is mixed with some greeneries to get the natural look.

The round bouquet, of course is round in shape and have less greeneries but more flowers.The flowers can be of one kind or
multiple kinds as long as the colour balance is there.

The hand-tied wedding bouquet, which is gaining popularity these days, is more casual. It is made from a bunch of flowers tied
together with a ribbon and the stems are revealed.

How do you know which one is suitable for you?

Your selection will depend on three things:

  • your body size
  • your wedding gown style
  • the look that you want to carry

If you are self-conscious about your appearance on your wedding day, choosing the right wedding bouquet style can enhance the way you look
and probably hide some imperfections around your body.

Let's say you want to look slimmer on the big day, you would probably choose a cascade bouquet because of the bouquet shape itself.
A cascade bouquet is roundish at the top and the pointy at the bottom.This slimming effect is best when you want to look slimmer.

If you are a tall person in nature, consider a cascade bouquet or a hand-tied bouquet. Never choose
a round bouquet. A round bouquet will make you look taller. Added with the height of your heels, you will look extra tall.

A bride-to-be with big hips should go for other bouquets, except a round hand bouquet. A round bouquet will enhance your hips.
To hide it, you should choose a cascade or hand-tied bouquet instead.

If you like a garden look or a casual look, the only wedding bouquet that can give you that is the hand-tied wedding bouquet.
The flowers on the hand-tied bouquet will look like they have been hand picked by you from the garden. You will look natural carrying a hand-tied wedding bouquet.

If you have a petite body, choose a round bouquet. The size of the round bouquet and your body is balanced and you will look your best on your wedding day.

How come that a classic piece of music can enjoy such mass popularity? Given the fact that the flower duet suggests a calm descent from wispy clouds, it is not at all curious that the British Airlines have come to associate it with the image of their jetliners floating through calm skies. Moreover, the tune is so popular nowadays, that you may even download the “flower duet” as a ring tone for the mobile phone.

In the economy of the original musical performance, the “flower duet” helps the audience enter the atmosphere of the opera by the evocation of an exotic natural corner. Right at the beginning of the opera, the main character, Lakme and one of her servants stop by the river to pick flowers and interpret this “flower duet” that has become the most famous and well-known part of Delibes' entire work.

Why is the “flower duet” necessary in this part of the opera? As the entire action goes on in India, the audience needs to actually be able to grasp the beauty of places as an integrated part of the work. Without the “flower duet”, the setting would not be enough to convey the depth of the message as it was intended by the author.

The expression “flower duet” is however used in other milieus than the musical one too. Thus, embroidery and crocheting are not strangers to the use of the technique called “flower duet”, and there are even clothing products that are labeled as such.

It is not uncommon to find the word association “flower duet” in very down-to-earth contexts as well: this is the case for clothing articles nicely decorated with all sorts of flowery models. Mainly used for children and youth apparel, a flower duet is a spot of color that delights both the little ones and their parents; they make excellent gifts for a wide range of occasions. Whether shopped online or directly from stores, a flower duet can satisfy the pickiest of customers.

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